Wednesday, September 22, 2010

39 Steps at the Orlando Shakespeare Theater

Last weekend I went to the Orlando Shakespeare Theater to see the spy-comedy Hitchcock-spoof The 39 Steps.

The cast was fun and super energetic.  Especially the two "clowns" as they're called in the program did a great job playing lots of different roles.  The stage is interesting here because it's ground-level, located right in the middle of the room surrounded by seats on three sides.  You feel like you're part of the action.  They did a great job with the movable props.

I thought the humor was a little dated, but there were plenty of people laughing throughout, so maybe that was just me.  I wouldn't say it's a play you absolutely have to see, but the creativity of the stage work and the energy and talent of the actors caught my attention.  I'll definitely be returning for other productions this season.

Find out more about the play here, including previews, dates, and tickets.

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