Friday, October 29, 2010

Outing: Orlando Magic

Last weekend I went to see Chelsea Handler at the Amway Center on a last minute (expensive) whim, but I have yet to see a Magic game.  While I was there, I noticed that tickets are surprisingly cheap.  Okay, so they're not in the most desirable location, but you have to go at least once, right?

Fun  The new Amway Center offers more seats than the old Arena, making tickets as cheap as $5, which is really $11.40 after taxes and fees.  Below the November home games off the complete schedule.

Nov 3, Wednesday: Magic vs. Minnesota Timberwolves
Nov 5, Friday: Magic vs. New Jersey Nets
Nov 8, Monday: Magic vs. Atlanta Hawks
Nov 10, Wednesday: Magic vs. Utah Jazz
Nov 12, Friday: Magic vs. Toronto Raptors
Nov 15, Monday: Magic vs. Memphis Grizzlies
Nov 18, Thursday: Magic vs. Phoenix Suns
Nov 24, Wednesday: Magic vs. Miami Heat
Nov 26, Friday: Magic vs. Cleveland Cavaliers
Nov 30, Tuesday: Magic vs. Detroit Pistons

Food and/or Dessert  Just a couple minutes' walk from the Amway Center is Ceviche Tapas Bar & Restaurant, a locale with great ambiance and lots of choices.  Although I don't usually write about fancy restaurants (because I don't go to them), this one has one notable exception: tapas.  Basically you get to try a variety of small dishes at a "small" price.  (I say "small" because in Spain they come free with a drink, so I don't like the idea of paying for them...)  They have dozens of tapas to choose from, averaging $3 to $9.  Although generally good, they're not all diamonds, so ask someone who's been there for recommendations (for example the flan was great, the shrimp salad "meh").  Come on Tapas Tuesday and enjoy some sangria and their selection of tapas all for $4 or less each.  Come Wednesdays through Saturdays for live music, dancing, and flamenco. 

Total Cost for a basketball game, some sangria, and a tapa: $19.40+ per person.

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