Thursday, February 24, 2011

Downtown Orlando Mardi Gras Celebration

Ready to let loose one last time before lent?  No?  Well, you still might like some of Orlando's Mardi Gras events.  Universal Studios makes a big deal out of it every year (well into the fasting season, mind you), but there are much cheaper (i.e. free) and probably more authentic events out there.  Two of them include:

Mardi Gras Live
Where:  SoDo (S. Orange Ave. and Grant St., Orlando)
What:  Live music, Cajun food, entertainers, parade, non-profit benefit, free parking.
When:  Friday, March 4th: 5pm - 10pm.  Saturday, March 5th: Noon to 7pm.
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1st Annual Downtown Orlando Mardi Gras Festival
Where:  Church Street Station (Church St., Orlando)
What:  Live music; outdoor and indoor stages and bars; street vendors; cigar rolling; eating contest; specialty foods and beverages.
When:  Saturday, March 5th: 5pm - 2am.
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