Tuesday, May 24, 2011

2010 Saw over 50 Million Visitors to Orlando

An article in the Sentinel announced today that Orlando beat it's own record for most visitors in one year: 51.5 million domestic and international visitors came to Central Florida in 2010.  This also makes Orlando first US destination to ever reach the 50 million visitors mark.  Orlando leads the number one spot followed by New York City (48.7 million visitors) in second and Las Vegas (37.3 million visitors) in third place.  (Cue NYC crying about how it's not fair because the Orlando numbers included all surrounding suburbs.) 

This is great new considering how much the county and region depend on tourist-related jobs and the tourist development tax (TDT).  The 2010 numbers show an increase of 10.5% over 2009, which is a lot considering the tourist economy wasn't projected to recover for another couple years.  Earlier estimates have already encouraged new developments both in the tourist corridor, as well as Orlando and surrounding cities.  More on development new to come.

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