Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Independent and Used Booksellers around Orlando

It's the perfect example of irony: many independent booksellers were put out of business years ago by big-box stores like Barnes & Noble and Borders.  Then Amazon came and gave these stores a run for their money.  Today, the price of eBooks continues to dwindle and even the former giants are having trouble selling paper books, as was evidenced by the closing of Borders this week.

An interesting article by Beth Kassab in the Orlando Sentinel this week talks about the last survivors in the paper book world: used bookstores.  While independent bookstores still disappear regularly (luckily Orlando's Urban Think respawned as the creative incubator Urban Rethink), some used bookstores have persevered.

Many readers can't get used to eBooks, some prefer the human interaction that comes with bookstore culture.  Others find it cheaper to buy used books though the typical trad-in programs.  Whatever your preference, don't head straight to your computer the next time you want to buy a book.  Here are some local bookstores that might have what you're looking for:

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B&L Books (990 N State Rd 434 # 1140, Altamonte Springs)
New and used independent bookseller.

The Book Worm (2400 E Washington St, Orlando)
All genres of used books.

Brandywine Books (114 S Park Ave Suite E, Winter Park)
Antiquarian and collectible books.

Bright Light Books (161 E State Rd 436, Fern Park)
Used books, CDs, and DVDs.

Docking Bay 94 (1823 N Orange Ave, Orlando)
New and used comics.

Harbar Book Exchange (1033 State Rd 436 Ste 137, Casselberry)
New and used books. 

Leedy's Books (3853 E Colonial Dr, Orlando)
Used non-fiction and theological books. 

A Novel Idea (1436 State Rd 436, Casselberry)
All genres of used books. 

Orange Country Library Bookstore (101 E Central, Orlando)
Very cheap withdrawn and donated books for sale. 

Pop City Comics (2114 Edgewater Dr, Orlando)
Comics, gaming, and pop culture. 

Spiral Circle Bookstore (750 N Thornton Ave, Orlando)
New age and metaphysical books.

Yesteryears Books & Magazines (498 N State Rd 434 Ste C, Altamonte Springs)
All genres of used books.

Note: I've only included a few of the many comic stores in and around Orlando.  To find one in your area, I recommend searching the maps.


  1. It's the perfect example of irony: just about every one of these used book stores is closed less than 5 years later :(

  2. Looking to sell paperback and hard Co er books