Monday, April 16, 2012

Orange County Online Resources

Whether you just moved here or have been living in OC for a while, here are some online resources you might not have seen before:

Google Maps for Public Transit and Bike Paths

The next time you're searching for driving directions, take a second to try out the bike and public transit options.  There are quite a few designated bike paths around the city; downtown is especially well connected with its expending network of bike paths.  Recently, the Lynx bus system partnered with Google Maps to show you how you can take the bus to different parts of the city.  This will be even more interesting after 2014, when the Lymmo expansion and SunRail are up and running.

Also: did you know you can use Google Maps to tour inside buildings?  See inside Stardust and Pom Pom's in Orlando to international museums.

Orange County Property Appraiser

Need to find out what your property is worth?  Need to look at property plans or zoning regulations?  Buying a house and want to know the history of it?  Check out the Orange County Property Appraiser for a slew of information about any parcel of land in OC.

Orange County Public Library

I've always been a huge proponent of public libraries.  That you can borrow books at a library is obvious.  But have you checked out their huge selection of DVDs, CDs, and courses (including Office programs, Photoshop, web design, languages, writing, and online classes)?  Now, you can also download content from the OCLS's Virtual Library, or check out audio books, music, videos, and ebooks in the Downloadable Media section.

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