Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Orlando's Non-Orange-Ave Bar Scene

Sometimes you just want to go to a bar where someone (might) know your name... Well at these joints it's more than likely that you'll end up on first name basis with the owners/barkeeps/regulars.

Let's take a look at some of our favorite Orlando neighborhood bars.



Stop by relative newcomer Lil' Indies (1036 N Mills Ave), next to mainstay Will's Pub (1042 N Mills Ave) this week for a variety of concerts and a great selection of beers.  Also not to be missed is one of Orlando's original dive bars, Wally's, located across the street (1001 N Mills Ave).  Just a few blocks north, you'll find BART - a bar, an arcade, and an art gallery (1205 N Mills Ave).  This bar seems to have blown up over night! A few months ago you could easily snag the coveted Ms. Pac Man on a Saturday night- now you may have to savor a beer with friends while you wait to claim your turn. But it's well worth it at this bar featuring an always-changing assortment of craft beers and wine, vintage arcade games (most of them free), and local artists' works.

The Milk District

I'm not one to sit around while drinking, which makes Sportstown Billiards (2414 E Robinson St) one of my favorite places to grab a beer.  Come for the drinks and snacks (like tater tots or Funday Sunday $2 beers) and stay for the cue sports, ping-pong, darts, or my personal favorite- shuffleboard.  Many a friend has been lost to that fiercely competitive game... Once you've sufficiently exhausted your shuffleboard arm, walk next door to The Milk Bar (2424 E Robinson St) where a chill atmosphere and board games await. If you're still hankering for variety, visit one of the other near-by bars and restaurants.  And don't forget to consider walking over to Colonial Lanes for Friday night's all-you-can-bowl from 10:00pm to 1:00am and different specials throughout the week.

Andi at The Milk District's Sportstown

Audubon Park

There are a few great places to enjoy libations in the Audubon Park Garden District.  Whether you're down to visit anchors like Stardust Video & Coffee (1842 E Winter Park Rd) which has come a long way since it was packed with rows of videos and now boasts a great (albeit small) bar; Big Daddy's Roadhouse (3001 Corrine Dr) for some home-grown karaoke talent (you know the kind- they're there for their 3 minutes of glory at the mic and nothing else); or the recently relocated RedLight RedLight (2810 Corrine Dr) to hang out at one of America's best beer bars (check out their FB Page for daily beer updates)- Either way, there's always somewhere to park your bike and get a good drink (served in the requisite mason jar, or course).

Stardust Video & Coffee

There are so many different bars in and around Orlando, each with its very own personality.  We've just barely scratched the surface here (gotta leave some room for future posts!). Share your favorite local neighborhood watering hole in the comments section below.

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