Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Procrastinator’s Guide to Halloween 2013 in Orlando

We've all been there at one point or another:  broke and invited to a last minute Halloween event. But, before you max out your credit card on that $100 "Slutty Walter White" costume you’ve been eyeing on Amazon, check out some tips on finding a creative and unique costume from clothes you already own.

Yes... this is a thing.
Step one:  Pour the Champagne (or Tequila… your choice)

Let loose and let your creativity flow. It’s always a bad idea to make major life decisions on an empty stomach, so, at the very least, have a snack.

Step Two: Do your inventory

Are you still holding on to that prom dress from the Boy band era? Do you have a souvenir sombrero you bought on spring break in Cozumel? Anything is fair game when it comes to costumes. Draw your character inspirations from the random items you have acquired.

Step Three: Accessorize to win the prize

You can’t be Super Mario without the overalls so, why try to pull off a costume without the right accessories. If you can’t find the exact accessories, hit up your local Goodwill or Dollar store. They typically have an obscene amount of costume-worthy gear.

Here are some ideas to kick start your creativity:

Olympic Medalist skater

What you need:

Tight spandex dress (preferably in red, white or blue)
Gold medal (show off your little league medals!)
In-line rollerblades

Minnie Mouse

What you need:

Black opaque tights
Black turtleneck
Red shirt
Yellow shoes (or spray paint an old pair yellow)
Red ribbon
White gloves (found at Dollar store)

Snow White

What you need:

Blue top and Yellow bottoms
Red shoes
Red Headband
Plastic apple prop and magic mirror with your boss’ picture optional 


What you need:

Black bottoms
Purple top
Black blazer
Red color correcting concealer for the green skin
Hot glue old bolts onto a basic silver headband for the neck

Want to see more costume ideas? Watch Sheli's segment on Univision Central Florida!

Now that we’ve got your creative juices flowing, here are a few places to show off those diy costumes:

The Peacock Room decor- giving Martha Stewart a
run for her money

  • But this year, we suspect the neighborhood scene might rival downtown. Our pick- The Peacock Room's "SCHIZOPHRENIA" Halloween Party. We guarantee you won't find better decorations anywhere in Central Florida (for under $20 at least... Damn you, Universal!). $15 entrance.

  • Got kids? Got awful neighbors who may slip a razor in that candy apple for your kid? Crane's Roost is hosting their FREE annual Halloween party. Booths will be set up to mimic the door-to-door experience, but these will be vendors~ so they'll have the name brand stuff (get those Tootsie Rolls outa here!). There are costume contests for all ages, inflatable games and live entertainment. The event kicks off at 5:00 p.m.

What are you doing this Halloween? Tag your pictures with #theORLANDOAN on Instagram and we'll make you famous! 

Sheli Baez is our resident latinORLANDOAN. When she's not playing Esperanza on Univision's Dominican remake of Downton Abbey, she's blogging about Latin American culture and events in Orlando. 


  1. Also on Halloween for under $20:
    Halloween night at 7:30 is the SAK Halloween Improv Torture Show. Buy tickets online ($12-15) on the NEW website at

  2. If you're in East Orlando, I think the guys over at Vespr are having a sweet shindig sometime around 4- freebies abound.