Tuesday, December 17, 2013

In Photos: Vespr Craft Coffee and Allures

Edd Siu, owner of Vespr Craft Coffee and Allures, pours a cappuccino after pulling a shot of espresso in Waterford Lakes' lone craft coffee shop. Realizing a long-standing dream, Siu is fascinated by the "social aspect" of his new business. {Photo © By the Robinsons}

In his youth, Mr. Siu did not care for coffee. He recalls a trip to New York where it won him over: "I had a latte, they did the latte art and it was so smooth, really nice balance of the coffee and the milk. I started seeing what the big fuss is about." Pictured is a rosetta poured by the owner/barista.
{Photo © By the Robinsons}

At any given time, Vespr offers three single-origin coffees. Currently, the Brazil Ipanema boasts notes of dark cacao, with a little bit of caramel. Matazano hues towards the fruity with hints of apple cider and pomegranate. Elida Estate from Panama covers the middle ground with deep strawberry followed by roasted cocoa nib. {Photo © By the Robinsons}

PT Coffee Roasting's Direct Trade purchasing principles. Vespr's primary supplier vows to pay their farmers at least 25% above the internationally certified fair-trade minimum (currently at $1.40 per pound, making PT's floor price $1.75/lb.) {Photo © By the Robinsons}

Siu on the Kalita Pour-overs, one of five methods of brewing available at Vespr: "The kalita tends to bring more of the top notes, for example the Elida Estate. We get a little bit less of the roasted cocoa nib notes and more of the high strawberry notes. It will give you more of a classic machine flavor because it lets the water go through at the top. It has the small holes at the bottom that keeps the water bed at all times. Since you have control of the pour, you make sure to extract all the grinds - not just in the center like a machine would." {Photo © By the Robinsons}

The Siphon: "It's more about consistency because all of the grinds are submerged in water evenly. I do notice that you get more of a round profile. you bring out the high notes and the top notes. For a limited time, the coveted varietal Hacienda Esmerelda Especial will be available through the siphon."
{Photo © By the Robinsons}

Standard espresso extraction is also available for shots and lattes. For additional brewing methods, order your coffee to be made through the Trifecta for speedy extraction and a cup closer resembling french press. If you have a bit more time, the chemex will give you a clean cup with "ultra flavor clarity."
{Photo © By the Robinsons}

You can also find espresso in Vespr's signature "cocktail" line. Drinks beyond the coffee shop standards come to us in the form of the the Dick Tracy which blends maple syrup, espresso and bacon infused milk, garnished with caramelized bacon and black truffle salt. {Photo © By the Robinsons}

Edd prepares a Calvin and Hobbes using hibiscus tea and home-made spiced lemonade.
{Photo © By the Robinsons}

Tapping nutmeg on to a pumpkin-spice latte. Vespr uses home-made pumpkin syrup.
{Photo © By the Robinsons}

Eight different organic, fairly-traded loose leaf teas are on hand, as well, with the opportunity to "sniff" them before purchase. {Photo © By the Robinsons}

Facade of Vespr located in the complex across from Waterford Lakes. In addition to coffee, they will be offering a rotating list of seven craft beers, as well as two red and two white wines from environmentally-conscious local winery, Quantum Leap. {Photo © By the Robinsons}

Orlandoans can enjoy the friendly atmosphere and quality beverages of Vespr Craft Coffee and Allures everyday from 8:00am to 11:00pm. {Photo © By the Robinsons}

Jimmy Sherfey is a freelance journalist covering Slow Food in the southeastern United States and special coffee production in Central America. His interests include Latin-American culture, baseball, and Brazilian music from the '60s and '70s. In 2001, he became the first person in history to write "#sustainable." (It was a typo). 

You can find his work as an Audubon Park Community Reporter here, and follow his writing on the ever-changing world of specialty coffee here.

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  1. Quite possibly the best place I've ever had coffee from. Excellent vibe, great staff, amazing food.