Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In Photos: Orlando Days+Nights by David Thomas Moran

As a photographer, my iPhone 4S and the geo-social, photo-sharing app Instagram are my primary creative tools. Phone camera photography presents a unique challenge in that you are not working with the most advanced camera technology. Even with these creative barriers, seeing the world through the lens of my camera phone and Instagram filters has completely radicalized my approach to taking photographs and challenged me to think differently about the  images I capture.

To date, I have posted over 4,800 photographs on my Instagram account (@wideanglefocus) so it was somewhat difficult to choose a handful of photographs for this photo essay. 

I decided to create a few parameters for how I chose the photos. The image had to be black and white, have a square aspect ratio, take place within the past year, capture a place or space within Orlando city limits and include people in the shot.  I also gravitated towards photographs that had some sort of special meaning whether it was a photograph of a place that I regularly frequent or something I witnessed that significantly impacted or continues to impact me #fromwhereIstand.

The photographs are in no particular chronological order but I somewhat spatially organized in terms of how I might get from one photograph to the next via walking or bus. 

Orlando Days 001:  #SunRailiscoming, LYNX Central Station, 2013.

Orlando Days 002: #pedestrians, LYNX Central Station, 2013.

Orlando Days 003: #acrossthestreet, Lake Eola Park, 2013.

Orlando Days 004: #feedthebirds, Lake Eola Park, 2013.

Orlando Days 005: #waterfountains, Lake Eola Park, 2013.

Orlando Days 006: #communitea, Dandelion Communitea Cafe, 2013.

Orlando Days 007: #locallygrownwords, East End Market, 2013.

Orlando Nights 001: #marketspace.  Audubon Park Community Market at Stardust Video & Coffee, 2013.

Orlando Nights 002: #historiccameotheater.  Snap! Space, 2014.

Orlando Nights 003: #craftycocktails. The Courtesy Bar, 2014.

Orlando Nights 004: #MsDarcelStevens, The Footlight Theatre at the Parliament House Resort, 2013.
Orlando Nights 005: #OUTtonight, The Brink, 2013.
Orlando Nights 006: #restingplace, Somewhere Downtown, 2014.

Orlando Nights 007: #disneysmagicalexpress, LYNX Central Station, 2013.

You can also view this gallery on Instgram: #OrlandoDaysandNights

David Thomas Moran is a street photographer, writer, game designer and digital media artist. The subject of much of his creative work currently is public, street life, pedestrianism, the mobility of individuals, and communities and urban/suburban design in the Greater Orlando metropolitan region. David currently has a fundraising campaign with TheArtStarter.com for the development of one of his game concepts Play Me. #PlayMeOrlando.

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  1. Love these shots! Definitely makes the Vice Photo essay look like childs play!