Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Lucky Cards for Local People: An Interview with Elizabeth Farmer

This month, theORLANDOAN Marketplace is growing. We’re expanding with new shirts and neighborhood-inspired goodies. But that’s not all: We’re also adding some limited-edition, hand-painted cards. Soon, you’ll be able to send your Orlando love with Elizabeth Farmer’s locally inspired cards.

Marketing major by education, web designer by profession, Elizabeth Farmer felt that founding  Bright Light Paper (formerly Happygolucky Creations) was a natural next step for her. “I was in San Diego for work and wanted to send a gift to my cousin.  But when I got home, I realized I didn’t have any random miscellaneous cards. I didn’t want to just put it in an envelope.” Since then, she’s created cards for every occasion.

 “I originally started sketching, but then it evolved into printing and painting.” Farmer uses watercolors to give each card a unique, hand-painted feel. “I try to keep my cards light and funny.” From custom wedding and birthday invitations to multi-purpose blank cards, she draws inspiration from everyday situations that make her think, “That would make a great card.”

Originally from Gainesville, Orlando is Farmer’s home away from home. “Gradually, it’s just kind of grown on me. The community’s building, there’s more culture than there’s been in the past.” Meeting people through local events and by selling her cards at stores around town, Farmer has opened up to exploring the city. In our quick-fire round, she shared some of her favorite hot spots:

  • Favorite designer: Cindy Thornton, Illustrator
  • Favorite hangout: The Imperial
  • Favorite restaurant: Bento
  • Favorite gallery: City Arts Factory
  • Orlando doesn’t suck because… “it has great artists, murals on buildings, painted power boxes—there’s a sense of creativity here.”

In addition to her online store, you can find her cards at Local Roots, Gallery on the Edge, outdoor markets, and, of course, at theORLANDOAN Marketplace.

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