Thursday, September 25, 2014

Weekend Preview: September 26th - 28th, 2014

Weekend Events

Someone once told us laughter is the best medicine. While it hasn't done much for my asthma attacks, it is a great break from a rough work week. Check out the Orlando Indie Comedy Fest going on from the 25th - 28th, $5 per day at various locations. I'm just hoping someone carries on The Aristocrats joke...

Thursday, September 25th

I worry we are raising the bar on getting our Weekend Previews out on time. I mean, we are VERY lazy so don't go expecting this level of efficiency all the time people. With that being said, we are excited to tell you about Sushi & Seoul On The Roll's 3 year anniversary throwdown happening at Thirsty Topher from 6-10pm. Free 312 Goose Island with every purchase and avocado fries!

Friday, September 26th

Hey smelly cats, test out your knowledge of the 90's show that taught us how to love (Ross & Rachel 4-eva) and that somehow a waitress and a baker can easily rent a spacious 2-bedroom in Manhattan. Friends Trivia Night at Bikes, Beans, and Bordeaux starts at 7pm and is free, which is good in case you lost your apartment because you didn't know the answer to what name is on the TV Guide that gets delivered to the apartment. (It's Mrs. Chanandler Bong, duh.) And if you don't get that reference, see the gif below.

We mean this with love.
If books are more your speed, Functionally Literate is being held this time at the Art & History Museums of Maitland starting at 8pm and is free as always!

Saturday, September 27th

Get ready for the first ever Artlando event from 11am-6pm, with the After Dark portion from 6pm-midnight. A free event with tons of performers, artist booths, and live art being created. Held at Loch Haven Park and will include free entry to the Orlando Museum of Art!

Does the love of your life have four paws and drools? Because ours does. Barktoberfest to benefit Orange County Animal Services is in full swing from 10am-4pm at Lake Eola. This free event will have food trucks galore, cute pups wandering around, free microchipping, $5 rabies vaccinations, and different raffles and events.

Bonus: make sure little fido is lookin' good with a wash before at the annual Shampooch event going on walking distance away on Washington St. from 9am-4pm!

Calling all young Carl Sagans- Seminole State College is holding their Fall Star Festival from 6-10:30pm for free. You can gaze at the stars, enjoy presentations, eat at the many food trucks, and enjoy a bunch of various activities for children and adults!

You know what I love? Winning. Even if it means cheating. Join me and other shameful winners in Game Changer's Cheaters Always Prosper Charity Lock-In! $15 gets you in at 9pm at CoolStuffGames in Maitland where you'll be able to nerd out and buy cheat cards, because nothing feels better than watching your opponent freak out and flip the table when  you utterly destroy them. Our mom tells us winning in an honest manner is actually better, but she's never won a tournament so don't listen to her.

Sunday, September 28th

Is this how you German?
Get your wiener on from 4-8pm at Stardust Video & Coffee for their 6th annual Dustoberfest! There will be beer, there will be krout, and above all there will be a bunch of Americans trying and failing to recreate an authentic Oktoberfest celebration. So basically it'll be awkwardly awesome.

What are you doing in Orlando this weekend? Leave a comment!


  1. Saturday in going to Dapper Day at Hollywood Studios.