Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Local Orlando Gift Ideas, Part 1

It's that time again. They might call it "gift giving season," but it usually feels more like "frantically looking for cool stuff to buy that's not too expensive season." Well, that's where this post comes in. In the first part of our Local Orlando Gift Ideas series, we explored East End Market and stopped by Cloak & Dapper. Hopefully, these gift ideas (mostly under $20) will wow that special someone or blow your next Secret Santa out of the water. {Photos by Tina Craig}
There are two hidden gems tucked away upstairs at East End Market. The first is Bookmark It, a tiny store whose carefully curated collection could keep you browsing for hours. (There's a section of books that pair perfectly with the stores downstairs, which was the inspiration for this post.) A few steps away is Whisk and Bowl - A Baker's Market. With a focus on beautifully designed, heirloom-quality kitchen items and trinkets, even non-bakers will enjoy taking a look.
Gifts from East End Market, Orlando

In Florida, barbecue season is always just around the corner. Grab some special ingredients from Houndstooth Sauce Company (East End Market) for your special someone. (But really, what you do with that sauce mop and a jar of red or white is up to you.) For the horn-rimmed glasses wearing bookworm in your life, grab a good non-fiction book and a bag of Lineage coffee (also at East End Market), like the delicious Ethiopia Yirgacheffe.

Florida beer is on the up and up, and we all know someone who is overly obsessed with loves craft brews. Grab a book, like The Great Florida Craft Beer Guide, and pair it with a bottle of Cigar City Brewing from Local Roots (East End Market).

Porch Therapy (East End Market) carries a huge selection of beautiful succulents, fresh flowers, and unique decorations that make perfect gifts. (If you know someone with a self-proclaimed "brown thumb," you may want to stick to the air plants...)

Cheese. If this word stirs all kinds of feelings inside you, this may be the gift for you. La Femme du Fromage (East End Market) carries a great selection and will walk you through what you need to know to pick the perfect fromage. Deepen your knowledge with an in-depth book (or maybe just a good bottle of wine).

Cloak & Dapper - A Gentleman's General Store just opened its very first physical location in a beautiful space across from Lake Ivanhoe. There, you'll find everything from clothes and accessories to personal care products and drinking supplies for your guy with fancy tastes.

For the person who has everything, sometimes you just need to buy some sweets. Fatto in Casa (East End Market) has you covered with stunning cakes and small batches of homemade goodies.

Now it's your turn: What are some of your favorite local gift ideas, and what store would you love to see photographed? Leave a comment below and stay tuned for Part 2!

Tina Craig is an Orlando photographer. When she's not shooting rock'n'roll memorabilia at Hard Rock International, she dazzles our readers with photo essays and event pix.


  1. the drunken botanist book - so good! adjectives market is my go-to for gifts, there are so many great finds!

  2. So basically, go to East End Marketing this holiday. :)

    1. That's Part 1--where should we got next for Part 2?

    2. use the Buy Local List! City Maid Green is really great; Dandelion/Infusion for tea; Hog Eat Hog; Retromended, Etoile and OPP for vintage; Lure for cards and posters; Park Ave Cds; bitters from Daughters & Co; Burrow Press; 12Degrees West and Form Function Form for leather goods; Winsome Losesome jewelry;! (to name a few)

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