Tuesday, April 28, 2015

In Photos: Urban Orlando by Ahmed Hashim

Elements of the Mills50 District | Ahmed Hashim | 2014

"I appreciate people who see another side of Orlando through my lens," says Ahmed Hashim, an Orlando-based photographer documenting Orlando as an evolving urban environment. "I like exploring the walkable areas in town where the locals live, work, eat, and play."

Hashim's work is influenced by the everyday life of people living in their city. "I'm drawn to the human element in urban settings with a focus on mood, expression, colors, geometry, patterns, and dramatic light." You'll usually find him in the diverse neighborhoods and towns that make up the central Orlando area, including Downtown, Winter Park, and College Park, and once in a while even in the tourist areas--"for a different flavor."

That built diversity is reflected in Orlando's photographers. "Orlando is a mixed bag of different genres and flavors. It’s as diverse as its local community." And that variety of lifestyles and cultures is growing more and more evident as locals and visitors continue to search for the "other" or "real" Orlando. "I like how the City of Orlando is trying to define its identity for 'The City Beautiful' and brainstorm about what else it has to offer."

Downtown Orlando at Dusk | Ahmed Hashim | 2013

Turning Heads at the Corner | Ahmed Hashim | 2014

La Belle | Ahmed Hashim | 2014

Spiral Courtyard | Ahmed Hashim | 2015
Fishing the Econ River | Ahmed Hashim | 2014
Crossing Pine and Orange | Ahmed Hashim | 

Last Delivery of the Day | Ahmed Hashim | 2014
7-Eleven Lights the Corner | Ahmed Hashim | 2014

Flocking Birds | Ahmed Hashim | 2012

Waiting in Style | Ahmed Hashim | 2014

Undergoing Change | Ahmed Hashim | 2013
Sundays in Downtown | Ahmed Hashim | 2014
Lunch Hour | Ahmed Hashim | 2012

Strolling by an Art Wall | Ahmed Hashim | 2014

March Madness | Ahmed Hashim | 2014

Setting the Blue Velvet Rope | Ahmed Hashim | 2014

Ahmed Hashim is a street photographer based in Orlando, Florida. His creative work is focused on cities, people, cars, and buildings. When he's not behind the lens, he's designing products that bridge the connections between people, business, and technology. You can connect with Ahmed on LinkedIn and follow his photography on his Photoblog, Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook.


  1. Great photos, Ahmed. Very clean, well-focused. You really capture the flavor of Orlando. Post more!

  2. Beautiful photography! He has a unique view, I'd definitely love to see more.

  3. Great photos, more please!!

  4. Great work bud! Very creative. (Ana)

  5. Found an article about your photos in Bungalower. Great shots!

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