Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Chef-Driven, Locally Delivered: An Interview with Farm-Haus

Brittany and Patrick Lyne, Co-Founders of Farm-Haus
An idea that began as a way to connect local farmers to consumers eventually became Farm-Haus, a new and growing service in Orlando that delivers locally sourced, wholesomely prepared meals. The chef-driven team currently offers weeknight dinners (Mondays through Thursdays) for pick-up or delivery in Baldwin Park, Audubon Park, Mills50, and Colonialtown. Starting this month, the Farm-Haus radius is expanding to include all of Downtown Orlando and all of Winter Park. We caught up with Farm-Haus Co-founder Brittany Lyne to talk business, local love, and the perfect meal. 

Farm-Haus Chef, Julian De Garden
Brittany, who with husband Patrick Lyne co-founded Farm-Haus in 2014, credits two factors with driving the local food scene and making Orlandoans embrace a healthy delivery service: "One, we're all really busy, and two, as a whole, Americans are starting to understand and become more aware of what they're eating and where it's coming from. In addition, we like to say that the best diet for Americans is one where everyone cooks their own food. However, we know that that's not very realistic, so it's our goal to be the closest option to that, while being super convenient at the same time." This simple but much-needed idea came from a scenario most of us know well. "Patrick and I were both busy professionals, with not a lot of timeor energy by the end of the dayto make the meals that we wanted to eat."

The response to Farm-Haus has been great so far and the growing team reflects that. "Right now, we're super pumped about the latest addition to our team, Chef Julian De Garden. He recently graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in New York, and brings so much talent and a fresh, unique perspective with him." You might know his work from restaurants such as Dandelion Cafe, The Ravenous Pig, and, most recently, as Sous Chef for The Smiling Bison, where he played an integral role in menu creation. "In addition, we'll be bringing some additional chefs in to do 'guest meals,' which we're excited about."

So, what makes up a great food experience? "The perfect meal, to us, in one that is extremely fresh, seasonal and interesting—something that is borderline art with the creativity that is used to present the ingredients," says Brittany. But it's not just about what's on the plate: "What really makes a meal perfect is who you share it with. That's where the real magic is. The same is true for the perfect dinner party: a dinner that brings people together from all walks of life over great food and to, for one night, forget everything that is happening in their lives, and to just enjoy good food, good company, and that moment."

On setting up shop in Orlando, Brittany says it was an easy decision. "There's an air of positive energy running through the city, one of change and amazing things on the horizon—who wouldn't want to be a part of making those amazing things happen?" Connecting with the local community has always been a priority for the Farm-Haus team. "My favorite thing about Orlando is the people. The people are what make this city so easy to love. We've been a part of the Dinner Party Project since it first started last year, and one of our favorite parts of hosting it is getting to meet so many interesting people here locally. There are A LOT of people doing really amazing things. It just takes getting outside of ourselves for a moment to see that sometimes."

For the future, Brittany sees Orlando's food and art culture continue to expand. "However, in order to do that, we need to be willing to explore and support what's already available to us, and as a city, continue to provide opportunities for business owners, creators, and artists to stay and establish themselves here."

Lightning Round: Local Spots and How to Cook

  • Favorite local places to hang out: East End, Propagation, Credo, Barnies, the Enzian.
  • Favorite local products: Lineage coffee, Cloak & Dapper, and Lure Paper Goods ("I recently discovered Lure at a Yelp event we did with them and am in love with their witty and creative style. It's refreshing.")
  • Southern dish: "My (Brittany's) favorite Southern dish would have to be either shrimp and grits or a good she crab soup (especially when visiting Charleston!). Being from Texas, Patrick is all about chicken fried steak, especially when prepared by our friend Kent Rollins (aka, the Cowboy Chef!)."
  • Best song while cooking: Right now: Brittany—Anything Haim, Patrick—Anything Kendrick Lamar
  • Best place in Orlando for a picnic: Kraft Azalea Garden
  • Best Florida produce/product people should try: Anything from Frog Song Organics
  • Thing you're most excited about in Orlando right now: The Juice bike share program...and everything Buddy Dyer.

You can stay in touch with Farm-Haus on their website (where you can order a meal for yourself or gift one to a friend), Facebook, and Instagram. Also, don't miss their very first community dinner, Farm-Haus Pop-Up: Summer Feast, happening at East End Market on June 11th.


  1. Loveeee this article. It's great getting to know two locals changing things up for the better here in Orlando. Makes me want to go cook some grass-fed burgers while listening to Kendrick Lamar. Thanks for posting, Orlandoan!

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